Rhapsodical78 (rhapsodical78) wrote in antipodeansnark,

New member.

Woo. A community that gives two fingers to American cultural imperialism (no George, it's not a victory sign). I'm in.

I am animal lover so I had joined a few dog communities etc. All I heard was 'create training' and 'prong collars'. I mean...what the shit?

People also kept telling me I was an animal abuser for letting my cat outside because it could get kidnapped or abused or cause an accident (and the sweet lord Bush knows, I don't want no litigationz on my hands).

Anyway. I created two of my own communities, which you're all welcome to join: dogs_australia and pets_australia.

You know what else shits me about the sweeping tide of American culture in our country? Everything.
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My cat is 16 and she's been an indoors/outdoors cat her whole life. She likes to sleep on the pavement out the front of our house and say hello to people.

Never been any trouble.

Americans, they're crazy.
Hmm yes, and they're not animal abusers for removing their cats claws! so they don't rip up the furniture with frustation from not being able to play out side...oh don't get me started on this topic.